Welcome to the Center for Personal Leadership and Development

The Center for Personal Leadership and Development is about personal, relational and professional transformation and empowerment. Those strengths allow you to reach your highest potential.  In order to live the life you were designed for, you need to come to a full awareness that your history does not define your future.  Many times people place fences and limitations around them and that holds them back.

Here at the Center, we work with individuals, couples, small groups and companies and large organizations. Every person and every organization is different.  The work done for your betterment is personalized for you.

This center was developed because in this world as it is, our nation and the world needs effective leadership. It doesn’t take much to see areas where leadership fails. This is because an important element is missing:

“You Cannot Lead Effectively if You Lack Personal Leadership”

It’s about self governance. It’s about being the example that others would want to follow. It’s about you being the person you can be proud of when you are alone. Without personal leadership, actually achieving it is like chasing feathers in the wind.

The Center for Personal Leadership and Development teaches you to become your best individually and organizationally. The success of every organization is hinged upon people, how they see themselves individually and as part of something larger.

The approach of the Center for Personal Leadership and Development is a completely different approach for reaching collaborative success. When each person succeeds, then the organization becomes stronger. Many business leaders say they want to be a “Fortune 500” corporation. Question: Why are you settling for that?  Why not a “Fortune 100” corporation? Why not a “Fortune 50 corporation?”

It starts with the person. What the Center for Personal Leadership and Development does is help you to get rid of the old baggage that you’ve been carrying around for years.  Through a series of unique processes you begin to see clearly that you are fully capable of achieving anything you want to do or be.  This new view of yourself builds upon your health, relationships, helps you find the vocation or avocation that might have only been a dream previously. Through this work, you give yourself permission to be financially successful when previously it seemed impossible.

Large organizational structures often hold themselves back because they look at balance sheets rather than people. They look at products that will be replaced by new technologies and new versions.  Yet, organizations that are bold enough to create a strong workforce of confident, capable and motivated partners, then create a dynamic and productive society of force multipliers.


no-coincidencesIt doesn’t matter how you found your way to this site. Nothing happens by accident.  You are important regardless of who you are – The Center for Personal Leadership and Development can help you make the changes you want in your life. Once you learn how to be at peace with yourself, the personal, relational and professional components of your life can move into new positive directions.

A Note from the Director

I’ve been successful in many areas of my life. Yet, some of the most rewarding times are when I help you become the best person you can be, to help you get past long-lasting fears, deep-seated angers, disappointments and the impact of stress, and to help find new levels of confidence and you see your potential.

~ Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA, Director

You’re not here by accident.  Send a note today through the Contact form and let me know what you or your organization needs.  

Let’s start now.